"Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to"

Together we will discuss your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, looking at the symptoms you experience, your childhood and your current relationships, including work, if applicable, and the issues you choose to bring. The work can include looking back at your own and your family’s history. As relationships are fundamental to our lives, it is vital to see and understand this history.

We often repeat our experiences without realising or understanding how or why and this holistic, non-judgmental examination can be really illuminating.  Some of us can ‘carry’ feelings that we might be unaware of, unable to identify, or perhaps understand.  Examples of these can be anger, loneliness, shame, grief, guilt, anxiety or a combination.

The aim is to help you live a more fulfilled and connected life, so the idea is to explore and interpret any difficulties you are experiencing. You will learn about yourself by looking at all aspects of your life to date, looking at goals and dreams for the future.

It can be life changing, connecting us to ourselves, lifting us out of our daily ruts while alleviating many symptoms in mind, body and spirit. This will be in a safe and secure setting, holding confidentiality as key.

I offer professional, confidential psychotherapy & counselling on Zoom. My approach is integrative, which is a combination of a few models, including aspects from person-centred, Jungian, psychodynamic, CBT, transactional analysis as well as embracing the 12 step recovery model if required.