About Me

I am a fully accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapy and am currently based in London. I have an international practice working with clients locally, as well as in the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, India and Asia and have had my own practice since 2002.

I made a career transition in 1998, leaving a 20 year career in the field of entertainment, music and film. I pursued advanced training and education in the fields of behavioural and relational health, graduating with a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling and have further training in the realms of intimacy and attachment disorders, traumatic response and disruptive coping disorders, including drug and alcohol misuse, sexual compulsivity and destructive eating and spending behaviours. I have studied under Pia Mellody for codependence and love addiction, Rokelle Lerner and Caroline Myss for shame reduction and personality disorders, Dr Patrick Carnes for sex addiction and Dr Janina Fisher for the treatment of childhood and adolescent trauma.

I returned in 2018 from working for 5 years as a primary and relationship therapist at Caron Ocean Drive, an executive facility in Florida USA where I was responsible for facilitating and running daily Groups as well as working with clients individually almost daily and in family and couples’ sessions twice weekly. I was supervised by Dr Paul Hokemeyer, the world’s leading authority on the cultural and clinical needs of elite patient populations.

Prior to moving to Florida in 2013, I spent 10 years in various capacities consulting for TV, Radio and Press on documentaries and programmes on a variety of topics from overall addictions to specific ones, notably sex and love addiction and relationship problems. I worked as Artist Liaison for high profile artists at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and 2015.

From 2010 to 2013 I worked part time at Charter Harley Street, an outpatients treatment centre in London both facilitation groups as well as working with individuals. Between 2006 and 2010 I worked part time at LifeWorks Community Residential Treatment Centre in Surrey where, in addition to running groups and working with individuals, I delivered Group Seminars covering various addictions and recovery topics.

I worked one day a week from 2007 to 2009 as a psychotherapist on a one to one basis in the women’s maximum security prison in London and from 1999 to 2004 at a men’s maximum security prison on the Lifer’s Wing, dealing with high category prisoners such as murderers and sex offenders on a long-term therapeutic basis. The range of problems included post traumatic stress disorder, grief, depression, anger, denial and difficulties arising from segregation from the rest of the prison population.

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Prior Career

1994-1999 Artist Liaison, MTV Europe & MTV USA – Artist Liaison for the annual European MTV Music Awards from ’94 to ’99, the VH1 Fashion Awards ’98 and American VMAs ’98, working in a variety of cities including Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Rotterdam, Milan & Dublin

1997 Consultant Researcher, Dreamchaser Productions – Working on a complete retrospective – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1996 Artist Liaison, Brit Awards – Responsible for identifying and booking all the presenters

1990-1994 International touring with Rolling Stones ‘Voodoo Lounge’, Paul McCartney ‘New World Tour’, Dire Straits ‘On Every Street’, Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘Use Your Illusion’

1992 Artist Liaison, Wembley Live TV & Video – Freddie Mercury Tribute

1991 Consultant Researcher – ‘Time Will Tell’ 10th Anniversary film commemorating Bob Marley

1990 Co-producer, Live TV, Wembley – Nelson Mandela Show – (following his release from prison)

1987-1990 Manager, Lippman Kahane Management – Overseeing office of LA based company managing top record producers & George Michael

1983-1987 Producer/Manager, MGMM/Overview New York – Producing rock videos and coordinating the management of Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones

1981-1983 Personal Manager to Sir Sean Connery – Based in Spain, working mostly in French, running the day to day affairs of an exceptionally busy actor

1980 Producer’s Assistant for an eight-hour TV series – ‘Churchill the Wilderness Years’

1978 Island Records & Bob Marley Live at the Rainbow Film & Video for Blue Mountain Films


I have extensive experience in one-off assessments for referrals.

If you are unable to see me for whatever reasons, we can look at many other possibilities. I have good relationships with fellow clinicians, doctors, psychiatrists and my experience of treatment centres in the UK, the US and overseas is very extensive.

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August 6th 2018